Mary Lou Bjorkman

August 19, 1999

Post #911 – 19990819

Mr. Pinkwater,

Thanks for making us so happy with your books! My husband (57), my son (newly 12) and I (40something) all love them. Eirik, the son, has started to write some on his own…a curious cross between Pinkwater and Coville. Any words of encouragement for him? (At age 7, he found RL Stine “boring and all the same”. Never can say that about you!! Keep them coming, we’ll keep reading! If you’re ever in upstate NY, just north of Syracuse, you have an open invitation to dinner!

Sincerely, Mary Lou

Daniel replies:

It's a system! I make me happy writing the book, then a certain number of others are made happy. What could be better?