Steven Faynor

August 18, 1999

Post #910 – 19990818

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I can’t believe that John Craig already asked about this, but is it possible to receive a transcript of your commentary from “All Things Considered” a few years ago on Chicago hotdogs? If I remember correctly, it was about a hotdog stand that you found in New England that made them like they do in Chicago. I am originally from the Chicagoland area. In spite of the fact that hotdogs are just about universal in the U.S., no one makes them like they do in Chicago, and folks don’t believe me when I tell them how good they are. Your commentary reminded me of that. The place that I used to buy hotdogs at in the Northwest Chicago suburbs has been torn down to make room for a MacDonald’s. The tofu ones sound great and all, but I’d like to get the real thing every once and a while. I promise I won’t eat too many.

Daniel replies:

What the heck, I found the original text. Here is the famous hot dog piece, as it appeared on the air. Click here.