Carol Hoffmann

July 7, 1999

Post #887 – 19990707

Having grown up on the shores of Lake Ontario, with the Rochester Public Library and it’s secret room – could you possibly convince someone to reprint YOBGORGLE: THE MYSTERY MONSTER OF LAKE ONTARIO ? My children loved to hear the story and I want to be able to share it with others in the neighborhood – and now the only copy I know of locally has disappeared from the library’s shelves.

Carol Hoffmann


Daniel replies:

The answer to your question is: YOBGORGLE, MYSTERY MONSTER OF LAKE ONTARIO is going to be reprinted along with three other out-of-print novels of mine, in a big inexpensive paperback, by Simon and Schuster. They're going to do it, but now they're talking about maybe scheduling publication to coincide with something else--you know, one of those business/marketing decisions. If you feel you would like it sooner rather than later, you might get 2 other librarians to join you in writing to the President of the Children's Pulishing Division at Simon and Schuster, also promising you that they will, in turn, each get 2 more librarians to write...and of course promise that they too will get 2 librarians...etc., etc. The paperback anthology will contain YOBGORGLE, MYSTERY MONSTER OF LAKE ONTARIO; THE WORMS OF KUKUMLIMA; BORGEL; AND THE SNARKOUT BOYS AND THE BACONBURG HORROR.