Erik Hamilton

June 30, 1999

Post #881 – 19990630

Hi Mr. Pinkwater,

You were an inspiration to me in High School, of all places. Were it not for Dada and the lesson of Kevin Schapiro, I’m sure I’d have ended up badly, or someplace else, who knows. Anyway, it all had an effect on me, maybe even a good one.

Anyway, my question:

Are you a fan of Slim Gaillard’s music/jazz in general? If not, what sort of music moves you? If you’re not a Slim listener, how’d you manage to name one of your characters (Hodi macBodhi) after a line out of one of his nonsense songs?

Thank you,

Erik Hamilton

Daniel replies:

How do you know you won't end up badly? Or haven't already? These things are tricky. I've never heard of Slim Gaillard, or any such person. He mentions Hodie MacBodhi? Maybe a coincidence. Maybe I heard and forgot but remembered subliminally. Maybe he got it from me. So many possibilities. I need to lie down.