Mathew West

July 3, 1999

Post #883 – 19990703

Big Chief.

Just recieved my copy of THE AFTERLIFE DIET from xlibris. They did a fine job. I haven’t been able to read it yet, as unfortunately, I have a job. Well, maybe it’s not really a job…Anyway, what’s the word on that next compilation with YOBGORGLE and WORMS? I have been absent from the site for a while, but as soon as I think I’m free, they pull me back in! Do you like baseball?

Daniel replies:

I like baseball, boiled, with onions, and crumbled bacon on top. Thanks very much for buying THE AFTERLIFE DIET from Xlibris. The next one from them is HOBOKEN FISH & CHICAGO WHISTLE, two books in one volume...and yes, as of a couple weeks ago I have a deal with Simon & Schuster to do the bind-up, which will have BORGEL, THE SNARKOUT BOYS AND THE BACONBURG HORROR, THE WORMS OF KUKUMLIMA, and YOBGORGLE, MYSTERY MONSTER OF LAKE ONTARIO. I think this one will be a better read than 5 NOVELS, and it has lesser-known, and maybe better-written stuff in it. I see no reason why it should take very long for them to publish it, but it's children's publishing, so give them a year.

I may as well announce this here: For people whose public radio station carries Chinwag Theater--this week we start an 8-week reading of LIZARD MUSIC. Depending on how the listeners like it, we may do some of the other long books. I think I did ok with the reading, and Charity says the programs shaped up nicely. Tell us what you think.