June 24, 1999

Post #878 – 19990624

I’m just kind of curious. I remember a half-dozen years ago, seeing the book “Night of the Living Lizard” (or something to that effect), and buying it just because it had your name on it and at the time I was starved to own anything to do with you. I found it moderately interesting. A few years ago, I got a copy of some other piece in this trilogy which was just… awful (though I loved your afterward.) Now, one stupid question: What the heck was that and what exactly did you have to do with it? I suppose there were clues in The Afterlife Diet, but… hm.

Daniel replies:

Some book packager had the idea that I would write a general outline, a ""bible,"" as they call it in TV, and first-rate writers would, for some reason, want to do various books in my ""universe."" I had an agent at the time, who told me it was a good idea. You see what happened.