William Reed

June 18, 1999

Post #876 – 19990618

Well thanks a lot, D. Manus Pinkwater; now you’ve really done it!

Our daurhter, Isobel, loves the Blue Moose – ALL episodes. She is 5 and 3/4 and has a small stuffed moose of her own, whom she holds most dear. We made a tape of the Blue Moose for her from Chinwag Theater; she never tires of it. She has learned every line and every inflection. So what could be wrong, I hear you ask?

Now, whenever I ask her to do some humbe, responsible activity such as clean up her room, be kind to her little sister Olivia, or get dressed for school, she looks at me – she produces a knowing half-smirk and deliberately allows for a lengthy dramatic pause….Then she replies: “…NOT at this time,…daddy”

What are we to do?

Thank you so much for your lovely books and wonderful sense of humor and silliness!

Daniel replies:

Thanks for your kind words. Your child sounds charming and moose-like. You are fortunate. Maybe the moose books will come back into print some day, and you can see the pictures. Meanwhile, please, please, please tell the radio station that brings you Chinwag Theater that you like it.