Susan Pinkwater

June 24, 1999

Post #877 – 19990624

Hello manus, um, Daniel, er, um Mr. Pinkwater-

I thoroughly enjoyed your book Chicago days Hoboken Nights. (I love the kids stuff too)- but this one in particular was interesting because i was certain that you had crept into my father’s ear and was talking through his mouth (a kind of slimy affair). The accent and the strange mentality: a salami, a salami, my kingdom for a salami!

I have wanted to meet you and being a virtual and relative kind of person, i decided to try. Henry Pinkwater is my father and Ursula Pinkwater (who has compared us in some odd ways having to do with dismantling electronic equipment) is my mum.

So I am your…oh, who knows. But I am a Pinkwater. Did you know if you do a search for Pinkwater you will find a rock group.

Daniel replies:

Except, except, see...Pinkwater is (so obviously) a made-up name. You could have made it up, or your father, Henry, or Ursula. Ursula Pinkwater? I could have made that up myself. I, personally, have always enjoyed belonging to an imaginary family.

How do you feel about it?