Jobi Okin

June 8, 1999

Post #867 – 19990608

dear daniel-

I was interested in hearing your personal definition of a tchotchke… as well as your favored spelling of this fanciful yiddish word. In fact, I’d love to know what kind of tchotchkes you personally collect and enjoy. (If will encourage you to respond I’ll let you know that I am partial to Grover (from Seseme Street) figurines and M&M dispensers.)

Daniel replies:

It's t-z-z-g-r-a-a-t-z-h-z-z-t-c-h-k-a-i-e-e-e. When the Great Spirit taught the people to hunt the elk, he also gave them the tzzgraatzhzztchkaieee to bring to the aunt, who put it with the other tzzgraatzhzztchkaieees on her coffee table.