June 4, 1999

Post #865 – 19990604

hello, again Daniel!

I just wanted to let you know that I just got my copy of 5 Novels in the mail today, and am looking forward to reading all of the stories, especially the ones I haven’t read before. I’m going to London next week, and I plan to start reading the book then.

Thanks for recommending it!



P.S. a few weeks ago, when i was still in school, we had to do a project on any book we chose for an end-of-the-year Literature project. I did mine on Lizard Music. While everyone else’s books were about people dying or poor, sad little orphans, mine was about lizards taking over the world! It was a big hit!

Daniel replies:

I like to think about people reading 5 NOVELS on airplanes. I hope you enjoy it.