Erich Vogel

June 9, 1999

Post #870 – 19990609

Dear Mr. Rosenwasser, (or whatever)

I do hope you are still working on the Dada Ducks In Colitch, and haven’t just tucked it into a drawer somewhere, in a moment of O’Nielishness. It’s absolutely hilarious, and the first time I’ve seen you take on sex in any form (and please let it be noted that I am referring solely to your writing). It reminds me more of my days at U.C. Santa Cruz than I care to admit.


Erich Vogel

Daniel replies:

But you implicitly admitted it. An adult editor was once encouraging me to leave kiddie books and make big money writing for grown-ups. She said, ""The only difference between what you write now, and adult books is adult books are about human relations and sex."" Just my luck. The two things I know nothing about.