Jeremy Cutler

May 3, 1999

Post #841 – 19990503

Greetings Mr. Pinkwater. We are from Mr. Cutler’s 5th grade reading class. We just finished reading The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death and we loved it! It was the best book we read this year. Now we have a predicament, however. We are looking for a play to read and perform that is not tremendously long, difficult, or serious, and we have found NO GOOD DRAMA for kids in any library, bookstore, or web site. Can you recommend any scripts or screenplays to us in the Pinkwater genre? (Somebody said there was a good play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but that might be too long and we haven’t been able to find it anyway.)

Thanks for your help!

-Mr. Cutler’s 5th grade reading class.

Daniel replies:

I'm not particularly well-informed about the availabilty and suitability of plays for performance in schools, but if it is as you say, I'd suggest you consider writing your own. You can base it on some book you like. Then you can have just the right length, number of parts, and so forth.