Nora Keyes

May 4, 1999

Post #844 – 19990504

Dearest Mr. Prinkwater,

It has been a number of years since I wrote you about my little bird, Zero. You returned my E-mail almost immediately; I was very flattered and most grateful. I am writing you again from a friend’s computer, since I posses very little technology, only a record player and a Volvo, not even a phone. He has promised to relay any kind of response you may send. I have picked this time to communicate with you because for the last four and a half years I have been involved in a musical and art project in my home town, that does not exist, Los Angeles. We have just completed our third album. It is our most monumental work so far. I wrote and illustrated an entire story about pets of the future that comes with the CD. You are my biggest influence. I have been obsessed with your books since I first checked out “Lizard Music” from the library when I was in fourth grade.. I still have that book I checked out in 1984. I could never bare to part with it. I would really like to mail you my CD. Your books influenced my youth. The music and art I am producing has links to you. Please tell me how I can mail you my stuff. I thanked you in the credits.

Nora Keyes

P.S. My first E-mail was signed Elnora Fedora, in case of any kind of confusion. My band is called the Centimeters.

Daniel replies:

Elnora Fedora, of course! And little Zero. Sure, you may send me a CD. Also, did you pay the library fine for never returning the book?