Alexandra Reed

May 2, 1999

Post #840 – 19990502

Hello Mr Pinkwater,

It’s the evening of Sunday May 2nd. My 4 and a half yr old daughter loves hearing your Chinwag Theater programs with me. Today it was the story about the wizard who turned into a frog so he could be happy for ever. My daughter, Catesby, really took this to heart and rushed to find a plastic bead from some broken necklace which she invested with the honor of providing the well-spring of all our happiness. WE are now to clean and care for this bead to ensure our ongoing good fortune.

Thanks for the positive influence you are exerting on the life of our family.

Kind regards

Alexandra Reed

Daniel replies:

So happy that you enjoy Chinwag Theater. Please, please, please tell the local station that you like it! If you send email to Charity Nebbe and tell _her_ that you like it, and where you listen, she might send you a Larry-the-Polar-Bear button, or some other cool thing. Just ask.