Molly Jordan

May 1, 1999

Post #839 – 19990501

Dear Mr… Pinkwater,

I have read you books Borgel which is the first one I read and is my favorite. I named my lizard after it. I have also read Slaves of Spiegel(Is that how you spell Spiegel?) and Alan Mendolshon, Boy from Mars. I think you are a funny Author. My teacher thinks you are a crazy one.

Is it true you are coming to Maine? I live in Maine. How many books have you written?

Do you have any pets? one more thing. Where do you get your ideas????


Molly Jordan.

Daniel replies:

You are right--your teacher is wrong. Yes, we are going to Maine sometime this summer. Pets, dogs (2), cats (many), and an old horse. I get my ideas from all the usual places, but I fool with them until they improve.