Brad Anderson

April 29, 1999

Post #836 – 19990429

When you and Scott Simon discussed POLKA BATS AND OCTOPUS SLACKS, I gathered that you are the true author, the elephant is the pseudonym. Am I wrong? It sounded so like you. Also, eons ago I heard a poem, I thought by you, which talked about a man who whittled so enthusiastically that he cut off his head and whittled a new one. Where would I find the book containing that and other works of similar ilk? I see you and the might malamute in the photo gallery – is Jill only behind the camera?

Daniel replies:

It crossed my mind too that it might be me who authored POLKA BATS AND OCTOPUS SLACKS, but unless I'm in worse shape than I thought, and did it, but can't remember doing wasn't. It did give me an idea for how to finally get a book of mine discussed on the program, so I too can sell 60,000 copies and put money in the bank. I didn't write that whittling poem. I just about never write poems except in character within a work of fiction. Jill is very tricky to photograph, not that she isn't beautiful...just elusive.