Matthew West

May 1, 1999

Post #837 – 19990501

Hello there,sir!

So I just finished reading the response regarding, and went to check it out. I may have friends who could use this! my question for you is this: to what extent are you exploring this? And also this, I guess: What books might find themselves available through this source? and possibly this: how long does that stuff take to do? I just recieved my first shipment from amazon today–four of your books! I read Ned Feldman for the first time, and am starting on Robert Nifkin. Wonderful. Daniel, I am rolling. And, when can we expect FAT CAMP COMMANDOS? The coffee shop in question is really easy to get to. Just take highway 64 west out of West Memphis. When you get to Bald Knob, take 67 south to Searcy. Take the first exit onto Race Street and follow west until you reach Midnight Oil Coffeehouse. Make sure to bring some suntan lotion as your neck will tend to redden. Is redden a word?

Daniel replies:

So far, I plan to have Xlibris publish my adult novel THE AFTERLIFE DIET and the two collections of NPR essays in one volume, HOBOKENFISH AND CHICAGOWHISTLE. Both projects should be available soon. Rather than take up space here trying to explain it, I repeat my invitation for interested parties to check out I'm very interested in this process, and future developments. If all goes well, I will bring back a whole lot of out-of-print stuff--and I foresee the day when it will make the most sense to publish new material in this way. I think conventional publishing has been a dead industry for a while, and just hasn't quit twitching. We shall see how things develop