Adrienne Waterston

April 7, 1999

Post #823 – 19990407

Dear Daniel,

I had this boyfriend once, if you could call him that, and he extolled the virtues of your book about a boy who had wings and flew about hither and thither. He attached all sorts of meaning to the book and used your name with such reverence that when I discovered you on NPR and realized that he wasn’t just making you up, I decided I would actually look up this very self-same book about which he ranted and raved oh so long ago. You wouldn’t perhaps have any idea which book that would be, would you (having written it yourself, perhaps I thought you might)? And knowing which book (Flying man? Or something?), would you then also know where I might find a copy?

If you can help me I would be eternally in your debt. Thanks so much,

Adrienne Waterston

Daniel replies:

It's WINGMAN. I read it on Chinwag Theater, and had you made sure your local public radio station carried the program, you might have heard it, even taped it. We'll repeat it, but probably not for a year at least. And we aren't yet selling tapes or CDs. AND...the book is out of print. But you may find a used copy. Organize your friends. Make the Program Director schedule us. Don't accept any excuses. You're missing good stuff right now.