Matthew West

April 10, 1999

Post #824 – 19990410

Hello Daniel. Long ago, my friend Daniel Feldman and I began reading your books, and I have been chuckling to myself ever since. I am 26 now, and I still recommend your books to friends. Cutting to the chase, I have always wondered if there was an off chance that you had named Ned Feldman after my friend (He used to write to you) No worries, there won’t be any lawsuits or anything, I am just straining to find a connection with the supreme author that is you. Also, I have tried all the websites that I know of, and can’t think of any other way to get a copy of Yobgorgle, Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario–unless I steal it from the library back home. Could you point me in the right direction? It is my favorite book–especially due to my connection with the illuminati.

Daniel replies:

No, Ned Feldman is named after another guy named Feldman--and he's in his own book. In THE SNARKOUT BOYS AND THE BACONBURG HORROR, there's a Scott Feldman. That book, YOBGORGLE, MYSTERY MONSTER OF LAKE ONTARIO; BORGEL; and THE WORMS OF KUKUMLIMA are all going to be published in one volume like 5 NOVELS. This was agreed to in December, and any week now the publisher will give me papers to sign. After that, it's supposed to take just a few months, since the books are all written, and in print, and need nothing except to be shot, and bound. So you don't have to steal and be destroyed by guilt.