Tony Pezzotta

April 6, 1999

Post #821 – 19990406

Dear Mr. Daniel Pinkwater.

We share the same first name and have the same last initial. I’m a D.P. too. Maybe we’re related. Maybe we’re actually the same person but don’t know it.

Anyway, I resent the fact that your books are designated as “children’s books”. I’m 18 and I still read them. Actually I don’t resent that because I’m probably still a children in both mind and action. Probably in facial hair too.

My friend and I are considering making a Wild Dada Ducks club. We might actually have a duckette or two. Do I have your permission to call it the “Wild Dada Ducks” Club or do I have to send money in order to obtain a “Wild Dada Ducks Club License” as part of the operational bureaucracy that plagues our world. I’ll give you $5 max.


Daniel Pezzotta

Daniel replies:

You have permission, but if you get into trouble, I never heard of you.