Suzanne Morgan

April 5, 1999

Post #820 – 19990405

I am anxious to hear Chinwag Theatre. The public radio stations in DC do not caqrry it.

Is it available on the Internet? I have been unable to find it.

Daniel replies:

If you send mail, or email, or call the Program Director, or the General Manager at your local public radio station, and ask for Chinwag Theater, s/he will possibly get it for you. If you and several friends, (each of whom has gotten several other friends to write), demand Chinwag Theater, the Program Director, or General Manager _will_ get it for you. Some stations have not even listened to it, because it's a kids' program, and they aren't interested in those. When forced to listen, many decide to carry it. It isn't available on the internet--you have to talk the station into getting it. (It's free!)