Jamie M Heise

February 19, 1999

Post #810 – 19990219

Dear Mr. Pinkwater: I would just like to add my voice to the chorus of people crying out for the full text of Young Adults (all three stories). Tell your publisher to get all those out-of-print classics -including the legendary Afterlife Diet- back in print! Speaking of which -what is the address of your publisher? Robert Nifkin doesn’t even list the city it was published in, much less the mailing address. How can we send you stuff, and harass you through the mail if your publisher doesn’t even bother to give us a forwarding address?

Daniel replies:

Never mind the company that published THE EDUCATION OF ROBERT NIFKIN. They are fools. THE AFTERLIFE DIET will almost certainly soon be republished in a new and innovative way. Keep looking around this website for information. Other books of mine are about to be reprinted in a more conventional manner. Among titles of mine you may soon see are FISH WHISTLE; CHICAGO DAYS, HOBOKEN NIGHTS; THE SNARKOUT BOYS AND THE BACONBURG HORROR; THE WORMS OF KUKIMLIMA; YOBGORGLE, MYSTERY MONSTER OF LAKE ONTARIO; and BORGEL. There is also a refurbished THE HOBOKEN CHICKEN EMERGENCY scheduled, with new and better illustrations. And there are new books in progress. I just looked back and read what I've just written--my goodness!