Ansel Staton

February 21, 1999

Post #811 – 19990221

Dear Mr. Daniel Pinkwater,

I own a copy of your book Young Adult Novel. In reading it, I have fallen under the impresion that you are some kind of anarchist. Congradulations (in my opinion). I am also interested in anarchy and enjoy listening to such groups as the damned. I am also wondering if your character “Captain Colossal” is taken from the Damned member Captain Sensible. I thank you for your exelent books and also for your intrest in Dadaism.

Sincerely Anselm Staton, Situationist

Daniel replies:

I am not really specially interested in dada. It's an old and outdated art movement, of which very little, if any, was first-rate. Surrealism would have been better if it weren't so boring, and serious. The Wild Dada Ducks, my characters in the books think they're interested in dada, but pretty much completely misunderstand it. In DEAD END DADA they misunderstand Zen, and in THE DADA BOYS IN COLLITCH they misunderstand everything. My use of dada is a literary device, not an exposition, nor endorsement, of that movement. I have never heard of the Damned. I am not, and have never been, a member of the Anarchist Party.