Wyatt Troll

February 17, 1999

Post #808 – 19990217

Hello mr Pinkwater

i have long worshiped the book that is “Devil in the Drain”, much the boy/person i try to be – not buying into the guilt thrown about by others, having the chutzpah to believe in myself.

i take photos and film things, although never for myself. i would like to converse about the possibilty of making a short film of this story. i would very much love to do this. if this is at all possible… …thank you very much, wyatt troll

Daniel replies:

Probably not possible. I have to cling to the possibility that some professional filmmaker, with money, may come along and acquire rights to one of my literary properties. It's a bore, but I need income for things like food, clothing and shelter. So, unless you can write checks, you can't base films on my work. Thanks for the thought.