Christel Gause

February 5, 1999

Post #805 – 19990205

Hey. I want to ask you for your opinion on this recccuring dream I’m having, because it’s probably your fault. At the beginning of the dream I have a large tank of lizards in my house. It’s like 300 gallon rectangular oblong one, and it’s got about fifty lizards in it. All different kinds, iguanas, komodo dragons, geckos, monitors, anoles, chameleons, skinks, horny toads, all kinds. And then I’ll turn my back or leave the room and sometimes I hear a crash, then a moment later I’ll see a flash of green as they all run down the hall past me in some sort of Mongol horde. They’re all running really fast and staying together in a herd. When I try to catch them they scatter, hide or outrun me. I get very angry and frustrated at them, and I fear the moment my mom arrives home to find renegade lizards. Then I wake up. I have this dream at least once a week, or as part of another dream.

Also, my house is alot bigger in the dream than it really is, and I don’t live with my mom. What do you think?

Daniel replies:

Bet on number 237.