Rosemary Caspar

February 3, 1999

Post #804 – 19990203

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

My whole family has enjoyed reading your books, beginning with The Big Orange Splot and Wuggie Norple to Lizard Music and beyond. I also am a teacher of young children and would like to be share these stories with the budding readers I work with. We have lost our copy of Wuggie Norple and have not been able to find one in the stores or through the big internet book sellers. Is there some way we can get it?

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Rosemary Caspar

Daniel replies:

This is for you, and everyone else reading: Do not lose copies of books by me! As children's books of good quality, they are allowed to go out of print like snowflakes on a hot dachshund. I try...oh, how I get publishers to bring these things out again, explaining each time that library copies are worn out, and a brand-new crop of readers has emerged every three years or so. To this, the publishers usually say, ""But....why should we reissue a book that's been published already, and everybody's seen it?"" Sometimes they say other things, like, ""I think my sleeve is wet."" You may find a copy of Wuggie Norple second-hand in some book shop, or through an internet book-finder. The price is apt to range from less than original retail to over $100.