Tristan Tzara

February 8, 1999

Post #806 – 19990208

Just out of curiosity, is there any chance of the dAdA boys in Collitch ever becoming an actual *gasp* novel? Or was that just a nasty trick to make those of us who got Young Adults go out and buy all your other books in search of further narration by the ever charming Charles the Cat?

Either way, thank you, oh great coffee-mill, for significantly lowering the dullness of reality.

The Ever-Likeable Tristan Tzara

Daniel replies:

Tristan Tzara (and others) -- As a rule, I do not approve of Multiple Personality Disorder, unless each personality buys its own copy of a given book. Otherwise, profits are curtailed, and I have to answer any number of fan mails vis-a-vis a single copy sold. To answer your question, anything is possible, which is a cliche and a truism. (However, please don't think I'm going to rack my brains for something clever to write, when you'll just be coming back as the feckless teenager, the little girl, the Romanian folksinger, the talking hog, a space traveler, Mao Tsu Tung, etc., etc., etc.)