Deborah Taylor Sweeney

December 4, 1998

Post #782 – 19981204

Can you help?

Months ago, on NPR [KQED-SF or KAWL-SF] I heard on your “theater” program, a story about a dog that died. I remember the word Yukon and very little else. Perhaps it was a PBS Chinwag Theater program? Are you able to identify this story for me. I was listening on my car radio and could not take down info., and a friend, who had just put his 15 year old Golden to sleep heard it on the radio too and had to pull over to feel his grief hwne hearing the story. I would like a tape of the program for him and for me.

Do you know what story we heard?

How can I obtain the tape?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much.

Deborah Taylor Sweeney

Daniel replies:

It's a fairly rare tape, called ""Of Dogs and Men,"" put out by NPR and later, for NPR, by DOVE audio, which has never sent me a royalty statement, let alone a check. The piece is in written form in FISHWHISTLE, which is also out of print and hard to find.

You probably heard it on Chinwag Theater on KQED. I say probably because there are a dozen or fifteen programs which have aired, and I haven't heard in finished form yet...a problem arising from having no staff at all. We plan to make the programs available on tape and/or CD...but first we need a corporate sponsor so we can hire someone to help us.

If you are reading this, and you are a corporation, or if you know a corporation, please consider giving a mediuim-sized lump of money to us. We will mention your name in connection with our fine program, and I think the money can be deducted as though it weren't buying advertisements.

Oh great! Evan Sayre had to remind me that there is a special cassette edition of that story, and my other NPR dog stories, available RIGHT HERE! It's not that there isn't a copy sitting right on my desk in plain sight at all times. Anyway, proceeds from this special edition go to the Malamute Rescue Fund, so go ahead and order it.