Ian Stoba

December 3, 1998

Post #781 – 19981203

I read your response to Richard Hamilton and it got me wondering about My Tooth is Quick. Is it any relation to the early Mickey Spillane novel of a very similar name?

While I’m on the subject of influence and allusion, I have thought for a while now that the cover photo of 5 Novels is based on the cover of the famous recording of George Szell conducting the Chicago Symphony in the Eroica Symphony.

How far off am I? I know Harlan Ellison keeps a file of letters people write to him pointing out references in his work to books he has never read.

And more to the point, is there edible ethnic food anywhere in the Hudson Valley?

Daniel replies:

Mickey Spillane?

I think I remember that recording. No.

How would Harlan Ellison know what books he's never read when I don't?

Ethnic food in the Hudson Valley? There's lots. There are those soft bagels, boiled ham with lettuce and mustard on white, jitterbugs, supermarket hot dogs with canned chili, egg salad with lots of mayo...so many specialties. Yum. Or, you can go to the Bangal Country Store, which is the _only_ consistently fine restaurant known to me.