Richard Hamilton

November 29, 1998

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Mr. PinkWater:

I am a long time fan and wish to praise you for your great literary abillities. I first read Lizard Music back in the 3rd grade and instantly fell in love. I hadn’t seen anything from or about you in a long while until a friend sent me the link to this page earlier today.. Good to see others appreciate you as much as I.

One question.. Do you write anything other than childrens books?..

Daniel replies:

I'm never clear what a children's book is. Look at the 5 NOVELS collection, and see what you think. But there's an incredibly hard-to-find novel, THE AFTERLIFE DIET, (which may still be floating around the web, so have a look); two collections of my stupid essays, mostly from NPR, FISHWHISTLE, and CHICAGO DAYS, HOBOKEN NIGHTS...those are for adults, nominally. And I owe a book to Simon and Schuster, tentatively entitled, MY TOOTH IS QUICK...still needs to be worked on. I personally don't distinguish much, except stuff for adults has to be easier to understand.