Evan Sayre

November 28, 1998

Post #778 – 19981128

Mr. Pinkwater,

In an earlier letter you refered to your dogs Lulu and Maxine. Is Maxine new? I know about Lulu. I have a picture of Lulu. What is Maxine’s story?


Daniel replies:

Maxine is a yellow Labrador. She's been with us for about 8 years, and I never mentioned her much because until Lulu arrived a couple of years ago I regarded Maxine as nothing but a pain in the butt dog we had rescued from in front of the pound in a evil moment. She is a pushy, importuning, control-freak, who will look you in the eye and burst into tears 15 minutes before her suppertime, imagining that you will forget to feed her (something which has never happened). However...when we got the wild Inuit puppy, Maxine turned into a super-Mom, and housebroke, raised, and pretty much trained Lulu pretty much singlepawedly. Lulu, like all her kind, has the potential to be a holy terror, and is really quite decent to live with, all because of Maxine.