November 29, 1998

Post #779 – 19981129

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I wrote you a while back, and I read what you wrote. I think it’s really cool that you write back to people like me. Well anyway, I’m writing again for no real reason. I just really like you and your books. I’ve read Allen Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars a total of 8 times. I’m on the verge of memorizing it. Just the other day at school I was reading it during lunch and some people were snickering at me. I was laughing silently at them because they are a bunch of jockstraps (as they are commonly called). I usually don’t stereotype people, but these 2 jockstraps are dumber than a gasoline pump. Most athletes in my school are fairly intelligent, but these jockstraps can barely get through a single class. I laugh at them because they think that they are just the best at anything and everything. The geeks always get the last laugh. I could easily demonstrate this. For example, I recently insulted one of those jockstraps, and he didn’t even know it. That is the worst kind of insult, the kind where you know you’ve been insulted, but not about what. hehehehehehehe

Daniel replies:

I take no sides. My readers include both geeks and jockstraps. I like to think that people who read my stuff don't really belong to either category, and could be called geekstraps.