Karen Odell

December 6, 1998

Post #783 – 19981206

Good Morning Mr. Pinkwater & your Wife,

I’m sorry I forgot your wife’s name. We had meet at the dental office in Pine Plains, NY. My name is Karen, I was the director at the time. How are you doing?! I was looking around the web and there you are! All over…

How impressive all this is. I wonder is this a sign of modern fame; if so how wonderful! I hope all is well with you and your family during this holiday season.

How can I get you to autograph a book for my daughter; are you apprearing anywhere for a signing in the future?

Happy Holidays & Healthy New Year “1999”

Karen Odell

Daniel replies:

Her name is Jill. I remember you. That was some good dentist that used to be at that office.