September 24, 1998

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I read the comments sent in Brad Sondahl, and quite frankly, I was alarmed. I recall no Islamic kosher cafe being placed in my favorite book store. I have obviously been spending too much time looking for your books on thier second floor. However, he was totaly correct on at least one point. It is a lovly place in which to do a book tour. Although I doubt they would get you a tour bus… Oh well. Spokane can tend to be a very backwards town, and it would be a shame if only Brad and I managed to show up.

I read your book(s) Five Novels. YAY!! I couldnt find it out here in Spokane, so I had to order it from my book club, which was nice because I got a poster as well. Strange poster though. Flying saucers and rocket ships… Strange…

Daniel replies:

It would be fine if only you and Brad showed up. I have done bookstore appearances where nobody showed up at all. But...there are always compensations...usually bagels. The edition of 5 NOVELS you got is the Science Fiction Book Club hardcover, which comes with a poster based on the jacket which is by a famous Italian cover artist I never heard of, but it's a pretty decent cover/poster. There is talk of doing another collection like 5 NOVELS, only I don't know if it's for certain, and I don't know when. I do know that it will not be published by Farrar Straus and Giroux. To help the new publisher decide, a burst of sales on 5 NOVELS would be most useful. I would very much appreciate it if everyone who reads this post purchases at least one copy. It's a good Christmas gift for friends who can read, and if you go to barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com, it's a pretty inexpensive one. I only wind up with 54.5 cents per copy, and many publishers hold up the money (without paying interest) for as much as a year and a half, so I do not feel too greedy in making this plea to buy some.