Owen Maresh

September 20, 1998

Post #747 – 19980920

Well, the Codex sure sucked it up.. at least I didn’t have to pay for it and you didn’t have to write it. Nevertheless I got a copy. You should be commended on the ease of accessibility of your books. Let someone else commend you, I would prefer to wait for the train. I work on computers. I am (insert some sort of 3rd year college student identification stuff peppered with self evasive commentary about the ridiculous prices of milk these days right here). Ages ago (what ages? ten years more like it. or so.) there was a car (both of my sisters learned to drive before me, I was too disinterested). It was not a 1955 Dorbzeldge, a Froip or a Chevy.

I have unfortunately had to organize people. Three reasons (one reason in reality, but since I don’t visit reality to often, three will suffice). One: The administration is trying to make this college more normal. Two: The number of rainbow-irised geckos is terribly small. Three: I need contacts. Two out of the three are right. And no dada ducks! I spent too much time quacking at nauseatingly cute couples (cupholders) until it wore off.

Yours Birefringently, Owen Maresh

Daniel replies:

And yet you have not yet arranged for WBEZ, or even the University of Chicago radio statio, (still reading the news in Latin, are they?), to carry Chinwag Theater. Indeed, you don't even offer an apology or at least an excuse. How long will this sort of thing go on, Owen? When you needed a hundredweight of wonton wrappers, I did not refuse you--now I need a favor, and you continue to dis me.