Ann Glass

October 1, 1998

Post #749 – 19981001

Since I was outdoors with my dog and my earphones, I couldn’t take notes on your long (NPR) conversation with Scott Simon on that wonderful, fabulous, unparalleled book that I think you called MOONLIGHT OVER MANHATTAN but I can’t find it under any title search and my wonderful, unparalleled etc. local bookstore for kids has never heard of it and I want to order a dozen copies for our school book fair but I can’t!

Can you help? Thanks so much. (P.S., love your commentaries and love your books and so do my kids.)

Daniel replies:

That's because the title is MUSIC OVER MANHATTAN, by Mark Karlins, published by Doubleday Books for Young Readers. I hear they sold the whole first printing, so there may be a tiny delay until your bookseller gets copies. Or you can get a 20% discount from (on my books too! I think 5 NOVELS is only $8.76 or thereabouts).

Thanks for writing.