Candy Naddeo Brummer

September 5, 2017

Post #4445 – 20170905

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
I just read the intro to your book Four Hoboken Stories and really perked up. My dad was the Judge who rented you the loft apt on Hudson St. in Hoboken, Judge Rudolph Naddeo. What a surprise it was to read of your experience. Did you give my parents a painting with lots of color? It is still hanging in their house, but they have both died.

If you answer this I will be thrilled. If you don't, I will still believe you have read it.


Daniel replies:

Judge Naddeo was such a nice man! When we first met, he said to me, """"I like artists. I rent to several artists. They're all good boys."""" I imagine it was one of his other tenants who gave him the painting. He was like the paradigm of a small town magistrate--sort of as though Andy Hardy's father had been Italian-American. I tried to be a good boy too--it would have been unthinkable to disappoint the Judge.