September 3, 2017

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Hello Mr. Pinkwater! I am a mama of 3 toddlers and we recently had a tea party with a little school friend of theirs. During story time, it became apparent that her *otherwise* lovely mother was unaware of the Pinkwater multiverse!! When questioned, she muttered something about being raised in a barn and subsequently dwelling under a rock for many years. We quickly remedied this by giving her daughter one of our many copies of "The Big Orange Splot." Her little girl's response: "I want to drink lemonade like in the book." Fortunately, we had some on hand. Glad she didn't ask for an alligator. Thank you for the countless hours of joy all of your books bring to our lives. It is so neat to get to share your stories that I loved as a kid and as an adult with these little ones. I just can't wait until they have enough attention span for "The Worms of Kukumlima!"

Daniel replies:

Used to be, people would bring back baby alligators from trips to Florida, and possibly they were sold in pet shops. A couple of kids I knew had them. I found them fairly interesting, but it never worked out well. Lemonade is a better idea. Thanks for the kind words about books of mine.