Mrs. Propes' Class

September 10, 2017

Post #4459 – 20170910

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

We are in Mrs. Propes%u2019 class of 2nd graders at Greenbriar Elementary School in Northbrook, IL. You are an awesome author! Your books are the best! Please write 1000 more! And then 1000 more after that! Can you please write more Mrs. Noodlekugel books? Where did you get the ideas for your Mrs. Noodlekugel books? Maybe we will meet you someday! Could you also write a book about dogs, or about Lulu? Are you working on any books right now? Love, Mrs. Propes%u2019 Class

Daniel replies:

I have been in Northbrook, Illinois!  It is nice there.  I will explain about why there will probably not be more Mrs. Noodlekugel books...I intended to write many more, but you see, I do not just sit and write these things, and then some publisher prints copies, and distributes them and all that sort of thing.  Well, actually they do, but they have some say-so about what they will publish.  They got tired of Mrs. Noodlekugel, or the books were not making enough money, (although they do seem to sell quite a lot of them), anyway, the publisher told me, ""We do not want any more Mrs. Noodlekugels, but we would like to have something just as good.""  So that was that.  I could, of course, write more Mrs. Noodlekugels, but another publisher would not be interested in them because some other publisher had already published the first three.  It's business.  I am looking for another publisher.  There will be more books.  Not Mrs. Noodlekugel.  Something just as good.  Thanks for liking what I write.  I definitely plan to write about dogs.