August 7, 2016

Post #4303 – 20160807

Mr pinkwater:I am writing for a very odd reason. Im really just seeing how your doing! "That's not very odd", you might say. But really, people don't take the time to check in on anyone anymore what with their blogs and Pokemen (or whatever the plural of that stuff is). Anyway, I read 'Lizard Music' for the first time in the fourth grade and after the inevitable happened (it having blown my mind and radically shaping nearly every part of me including an undying love of chickens and run-on sentences), I filed it and the memory of you away in my brain for quite a long time. Don't worry you were next to the bathroom and a bunch of old 'Mad' magazines up their in my brain. I came across my cherished copy of Lizard Music today (you inscribed it to me some years ago and even drew a picture of a handsome man that is either you or Ricardo Montabon) and it made me think "How the heck is that guy anyway?? " So? How you doing???

Daniel replies:

Doing about the same, and hope you are as well. (What do you mean """"run-on sentences?"""")