Alicia Cheatham

August 22, 2016

Post #4308 – 20160822

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,
Fat Men from Space was my first ever favorite book, and you my first ever favorite author. I read Fat Men when I was in fifth grade, 30-odd years ago and am beside myself now, as a new fifth grade teacher, reading your stories to my own class. We're in the midst of Cat Whiskered Girl, and it gets applause at the end of each chapter. Thank you! If we do an author study, maybe we could send you some interview questions?
Alicia Cheatham
Clifford Street Elementary
Los Angeles

Daniel replies:

Do other authors get mail like this? I suppose so. Still, your first-ever favorite book, and now a book of mine gets applause when you read to your class. (Probably the applause is for such a neat teacher--but I'm associated.) Wow. You can send me interview questions, yes you can.