July 11, 2016

Post #4296 – 20160711

Just another acknowledgement of appreciation by a parent who raised a healthy happy and successful kid with liberal doses of Pinkwater readings. I miss terribly NPR's Christmas readings of "Wizard Crystal" (which I preferred to the annual reading of "Grandma Stambaugh's Sour Cream Cranberry Sauce Recipe") and I really think that in an era of weight-loss and fitness guru-ery ("guru-dom"? "guru-ism"?) the world would be well-served by your marketing of plaques, t-shirts, and even books devoted to the wisdom of the Gorilla in "Fat Elliot And The Gorilla".

Daniel replies:

Thanks for acknowledging. Of course, I repent of Fat Elliot and the Gorilla because it suggests it is quite possible for a fat kid to lose weight, whereas it is barely possible and I did not know that, but should have, and should have shown it. At the time I wrote that book, I had lost 100 pounds, and thought that was the accomplishment. I have since written several books in which fat kids do various happy healthy and successful things other than play against somatotype.