The muffin fiend

April 29, 2016

Post #4266 – 20160429

What is the recipe for borgelnuskies? Also, why did you become a writer? Are any of your works based off of real life people? Also, I love your books!!! Especially Borgel.

Daniel replies:

There is a federal law against sharing the recipe for borgelnuskies in public, transporting, sending or transmitting it across state lines, drawing it in the dirt with a stick and then rubbing it out, or singing it as lyrics to a song. But there is no law against knowing it, or against making, serving or eating borgelnuskies. It is a legal oddity. I forget why I became a writer--something about being no good at everything else I tried. All my works are based on real-life people. Also, the events depicted in my works are based on real-life happenings.