Cindy Prescott

May 14, 2016

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We just read a biography blurb about you and are going to read some of your books. We are a class of fourth graders. We were interested in why you think your dogs can read.

Cindy Prescott, teacher
Crestwood Elementary, Covington, WA

Daniel replies:

Hello. I don't know what biography blurb you may have read, or what it said about dogs reading, but here is the fact:

All dogs can be taught to read. You can try this for yourself if 1.) you have a dog, and 2.) if the dog knows some commands, such as """"sit,"""" """"down,"""" and similar. The dog needs to know the command well, and do it every time, or nearly every time. Let's say we will use the command """"sit."""" Write the word """"SIT"""" nice and large on a 3x5 card. Have some teensy treats on hand. Tell the dog, """"sit."""" When he sits, give him a teensy treat, """"good dog!"""" Now, show him the card, say the command, """"sit!"""" give him a teensy treat. Do this a couple of times. Now, show him the card, but do not say the command. If he sits, give him treat, praise him. If not, say the command, give treat. After a very few tries, he will sit when you show him the """"sit"""" card without you having to say anything. He is now reading. You can teach him as many commands as you like. Later, he will read the newspaper, and check books out of the library....or maybe not.