Bryson Scout Tad

April 27, 2016

Post #4260 – 20160427

I had the pleasure of sharing eight of your books with participants in our Colorado ADX prison facility. Dancing Larry is a huge hit here. The trouble we have is getting duplicates of the same title which meets our security measures. We would like permiion to photocopy some of the picture book titles onto a particular paper that is resistant to giving paper cuts, and wonder if you would give us your blessing. That might be a great start when we ak for legal permission from your publishers. Again, we have some pretty tough men who have been in the system longer than out who can benefit from Larry. Hope this is a doable request. P.S. One of our reading group regulars wants to know if you were ever incarcerated.

Daniel replies:

Yes, you have my permission to photocopy, and no, I was never incarcerated. (I think permission from the author supersedes permission from the publisher--besides, what is the publisher going to do, have me locked up?)