Ross Family

February 4, 2016

Post #4227 – 20160204

You. Are. Fully. AWESOME!!! My children were over the moon that you replied to us. Thank you for being so obliging. Seriously, you do inspire young writers; at least two in this family. Thank you!

Daniel replies:

I can see how I might possibly inspire young would be the same way that certain writers have inspired me. The writers who have inspired me are ones who appear to be having fun writing. I have fun writing, and some people are probably able to notice this. Writers who do not inspire me are ones who seem to be suffering, and deal with sad, scary and horrible things, and worry a lot. Perfectly fine writers, some of these, just not inspiring to me. This is not to say that I am not a serious writer. It is not to say that. I would never say that. Writers who are not serious are not taken seriously, and make far less money. I am quite serious, ok?