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February 6, 2016

Post #4229 – 20160206

Hi Mr. Pinkwater!!
We are a class of 1st graders in Baltimore, MD and we have some questions for you. Why do you like pudding? Why do you put polar bears in your books? How do you get your ideas? Where did you get your idea for bears stealing muffins? We have really enjoyed your books! Your stories make us laugh and we think they are very imaginative. Thank you!!

Daniel replies:

Polar bears like pudding very much. If you meet a polar bear, and do not want it to eat you...and if you have will be all right. If you do not have pudding, I am sorry to tell you that you will be eaten...unless you have muffins. Most polar bears will accept muffins instead of children, or pudding, as something to eat. And this is why I put polar bears in many of my books--it is to share important information. Some day you may meet a polar bear, and of course you will have pudding or muffins to share with it, and you will not be eaten. Then you will say, """"I am certainly glad I read that book!""""