The Ross Family

January 30, 2016

Post #4226 – 20160130

We just got back from the 'Bat Hat festival' and after sitting down for a dinner of Avocados and Dr. Pedwee''s Grape Soda we were reminded of all the times we have listened to your awesome voice reading books to us. We go on a lot of family trips and you are our go to guy. We range in age from 48 to 9 years old. There are six of us and we all agree you are one Jolly Old Top. Seriously, thank you for hours of laughter and wonder. Your voice is a treasure and your words unique …. Here's to all fruit bats everywhere and having urban experiences. If you are ever in the Seattle area we would love to meet you or just hear you read. How do you come up with such outlandish dialogue? Are some of these characters people that you have actually met?

Daniel replies:

What's outlandish about it? It's just the way people I have actually met talk. Maybe it's different in Seattle.