Diana H

January 28, 2016

Post #4219 – 20160128

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Hello. You may be surprised to read that I am writing you bring David Bowie recently died. David Bowie has been an inspiration to me since I was 12 and I am now 45. In addition to being a wonderful artist, he represented to me, and taught me about, being free and creative and curious and bold and uncompromising. I really liked being in a world where David Bowie existed and it seems so sad that he is gone. Which bring me to you… You also had a big influence on me when I was young. My dad read Alan Mendelsohn to me when I was in first grade and I absolutely adored it. I have re-read it about every 5 years and it never lets me down. So many of the lessons I needed to learn in life are in that book, and so many things that charmed me then in first grade still charm me today. (I've read many other books of yours and they are great too. I'm still trying to get my kids on board but I know I will crack them one day because they are awesome and kooky kids.) Thank you for your work and for speaking in your voice in a way that is both uncompromising and filled with joy. And I hope your remain in the world, healthy and happy, for a long time to come! Best, Diana

Daniel replies:

No, I'm not surprised at all. Whenever we lose an artist it's natural to look around and see who's left. Many. The world has its problems, but not having people who can share their vision isn't one of them.