Grace Wynter

September 1, 2015

Post #4134 – 20150901

Hi, I just wanted to say that your novel, Borgel, created a lifelong love of goofy time travel stories. My father introduced your work to me when I was smaller than I am now, and I reread your work to feel close to him again. Thank you for your work.
-Grace Wynter, 17 year old time travel enthusiast.
P.S. I took that state test with the pineapple story, and kids in my class were telling the punchline for weeks, if not months, to follow.

Daniel replies:

""Smaller than I am now,"" suggests you are still quite small, as in, ""even smaller than I am now.""  I am happy to have readers of every size.  When you were smaller, would you say you were the size of, say, a mouse?  Or are you in fact a mouse?  I am happy to have readers of every species.  Which punchline, mine in the original story, or theirs in the wacky adaptation?